Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where's Alllll?

If you haven't heard of the case of the Jena Six, take a look here before you read the rest of my post.

I've got problems with both sides here...I'll start with the prosecutos. Was this really attempted murder? The victim was beaten, bloodied, and left unconscious...but he attended a school function later in the evening after being manhandled. And the fact that he was left unconscious indicates to me that the six could have easily killed the boy if that had been their true intent, which is in fact required for attempted murder. I'm glad the court agreed with me. Whether this is a case of overzealous prosecuting attorneys or actual racism is not a question I'm capable of answering. Either way, it's wrong.

As for the prosecutors...the Jena Six did in fact assault a fellow human being. That is a against the law! How dare they trivialize the suffering of the victim and demand that the "Jena Six be freed." Al Sharpton is an idiot.

As far as the nooses hanging from the tree and prosecuting the other boys, if there isn't a law on the books, they can't get into trouble. It's a disgusting and horrific act, but no law means no trial, so to even consider using that as an example of a disparity in our system of justice is idiotic because it isn't covered by the justice system. Want a change? Start a petition, get it into the law, and then wait for it to happen again.

I'm off to get new glasses...these contacts are killing my eyes.

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Daniel Ruwe said...

I agree completely. None of the students here acted well, but attempted murder? Come on. The prosecutor said that shoes are a lethal weapon, since the blacks kicked the white kid. That isn't right.