Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Inner Outer Monologue

This morning is the only time I've ever been really frustrated with anything army-related, outside of MEPS, heh...

We went on a 5 mile run this morning which would normally make me smile. Unfortunately, we were not set up in ability groups; squads were the choice this morning. I love my squad, but I am faster than most of them (and I don't mean anything written here in a "look how good I am" way...they can all bury me on pushups).

It took us nearly the entire time alloted for PT to finish the run, so by the time we returned home, we got to do one set of pushups and no situps. This was particularly disappointing for me because as I mentioned before, I could really use all the pushup practice I can get.

The idea was to keep a slow and steady pace...unfortunately for those runners in the groups, that meant a walking pace at some points along the route. Last year when there was an obvious difference in the abilities of certain runners in the group, they were allowed to break off into a separate group so that they could keep their own pace. That was not the case this morning.

I think the cadet cadre and the staff cadre are both doing wonderful jobs so far this semester...this was nothing more than a hiccup.

About halfway through the run, I realized that the exercise was more about the team as a whole; a "chain-is-only-as-strong-as-its-weakest-link" sort of thing...So rather than grumble in self-pity, I tried to encourage the rest of the squad to keep the pace up. Better to get these bouts of self-centeredness out now before BCT.


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