Sunday, September 23, 2007

Streaming Television

So, I think this is a fantastic idea. It seems that major television stations are finally starting to embrace the Internet and all the possibilities it holds.

I am a huge fan of Lost, but my schedule doesn't always allow me to see it at the official time. Thank goodness ABC starting putting those episodes online for streaming and viewing. I also started watching Heroes recently online on CBS'website (correct me if I got the station wrong...).

Up to this point, the only way to "catch up" on these shows was to download them illegally (or grab selected shows from iTunes). Shows that eventually make it to DVD tend to be ridiculously overpriced (*cough* Star Trek: Voyager...), which is unfortunate.

I hope that someday, older programs like TMNT, Darkwing Duck, and Eureka's Castle get put up on a server somewhere for people to stream them so that someday my children can catch a glimpse at some of the greatest television ever made...or something like that.

G'night all.

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