Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Run Leader

We were short on MS3s (and MS2s apparently) today, so I got to lead the fast-group on our run. That's a whole different world, but I'm certainly glad I got the chance.

4 miles nearly all uphill lost once right before we got back to UD, so it wasn't a big deal, heh.

No one complained too much, so I think I did ok, heh...The MS4s running with us suggested I memorize a few cadences and the marching commands (which I ought to know anyway...woops) so that if I get put into the position again, I can be a little better prepared.

Here's a few of the cadence I've started looking at:
The Baby Seals
Way up north where the air gets cold
We're running out of money and we're running out of gold
So now I earn my living
Killing the baby seals

You can hit `em with a bat you can hit `em with a brick
You can poke `em in th eye with your eye pokin stick
That's how I earn my living
Killing the baby seals

You can slash `em in the head you can slash `em in the throat
Then throw `em in the back of your fishing boat
That's how I earn my living
Killing the baby seals.

Yellow Bird
A yellow bird
with a yellow bill
sat up upon
my windowsill
i lured him in
with a piece of bread
and then i smashed
his yellow head

A little bird
with little feet
sat up upon
my toilet seat
i pushed him in
and flushed him down
and that little bird
went round and round

I grabbed these from here. Pretty cool stuff.

That's all I've got right now...gotta get back to work.

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