Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Update on Finals week

Hello friends.

Well, the last week of the semester is upon me. I've got 6 finals plus a take-home exam and a final JAVA program, for a grand total of 8 end-of-semester-things...
3 are down, two more today, none tomorrow, 2 wednesday, and 1 friday.

Full load, to be sure

Last week the University gave us Thursday and Friday off and called them "study days," but they really became "sit-around-and-not-study" days. The last week of actual school was awful, so the two breathing days were welcome.

Not much has been going on in the way of PT since our battalion run to end the semester last wednesday...I've swam a couple of times, but my time has mostly consisted of finding my graduating friends to say goodbye and studying (after friday had passed, of course).

Haven't been paying much attention to politics, games, or books either...but it'll all be over soon.

3 more days!

Peace out.

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