Thursday, May 17, 2007

Air strikes in the Gaza Strip & Iraq: How the Cookie Might Crumble

Two Middle Eastern stories today...

Apparently, infighting between Palestinian factions in the Gaza strip has resulted in an a series of Israeli bombing raids in an effort to take out key leaders of one of the two factions currently fighting. Rocket were shot into Israel in an effort "to draw it into an internal Palestinian conflict." Interesting. Doesn't really have any immediate effects on the US, but interesting nonetheless.

Also, the Chatham House think tank in Britain apparently has postulated that do to the large number of localized civil wars currently taking place in Iraq (as opposed to one big one), the country is moving closer and closer to the breaking in, it will be broken up into smaller countries. I don't think I would be too opposed to this if it could really cool things down. When Iraq was originally formed, little-to-no attention was given to the local populations and how well (or poorly) that could coexist. Obviously, there have been some problems over the years. I think if we got a "do-over," so to speak, peace might be able to be found.

Of course, there would be nothing easy about this solution. It's just an interesting thought. Maybe the world should give it a closer look.

That's all I've got for now. Half-day at work, so I'm going to lift, run, and reinstall my operating system!

Peace out.

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