Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

It has been a very busy weekend. MEPs was interesting, and didn't go exactly as I had planned, but nothing ever does. Here's the run down:

Thursday around 1:00, I left for the capital. I arrived at MEPS around 3:45 or so, and after a few minutes of processing paperwork, I was pointed to the testing lab. The SSgt in charge set me up on an open computer. The ASVAB consists of 10 sections covering everything from science, english, and math to car parts and basic computer/electronic studies. Some parts of it were pretty rough, but fortunately, I pulled out a 98 on it. Needless to say, I was very pleased.

After the test, I drove to the hotel where all of the to-be military people stay. The accommodations were beyond everything I had expected, and the people were very nice.

My room mate for the night was an old pro, having already gone through with the process for the Navy before changing his mind at the last minute to go for the Army. Dinner was provided, and we spent the rest of the night (light's out at 2200) watching TV, playing PSP, and just talking.

The next morning, we got in line for breakfast around 5:00 and were served bacon, hashbrowns, and other continental-breakfast-type-foods. They were all great. When the shuttle call came, I headed to my car and followed the bus back to MEPS.

Everything you read about MEPS medical people is true. Their jobs are to disqualify people from getting into the military. It's nothing personal, but it's what they do. The second day at MEPS was long and full of hurry-up-and-wait scenarios. Blood-drawn, medical histories, hearing tests, orthopedics...I got through it all...and then came the eye exam.

I ended up with a PDQ because my left eye was at .75 below the lower limit for military allowance. They sent me home, but the recruiting Sergeant assured me that I would end up with a waiver. My recruiter from school told me the same when I called him. Regardless, it means another trip to Columbus (hopefully this week...) and 60 bucks more for gas.

So, as it stands right now, I am not yet a sworn member of the Armed Services. Once again, MEPS told me they would hear from Fort Knox on the waiver decision by Wednesday at the latest, so I expect to get an answer Tuesday or Wednesday.

Until then, that's all I've got. I hope you all had a magnificent Memorial Day and were able to keep those who have fallen defending our nation close at heart today.

Peace out.

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