Monday, February 9, 2009

The Past Year: A Summary

So, it's been over a year...but I think it's time to bring this back...

Here's a summary of what's been happening:
Army Stuff-
I graduated with High PT Score for my Basic Training Company (325 with the extended scale!); my platoon won the Honor Platoon award as well. I loved my Drill Sergeants and made some really good friends, one of whom followed me out to my next station.

I'm currently on my Unit's Run Team, and I've gotten my 2 miles time down to sub-twelve minutes which is very awesome...My squad is also fantastic.

While I didn't vote for Obama, his policies so far have been pretty good. Not too terribly excited about his cabinet members, but I do approve of his appreciation for technology. Choosing an "internet czar" that actually understands what the internet is (and plays WoW) was a much-needed step in the proper direction. Also, I bought a MacBook Pro (I'll post a review of sorts later...) a while back...Obama's apparently a Mac user...I approve. All kidding aside (and most importantly of all given the current political climate of the world) the Middle East loves Obama (because most of them think he's a Muslim), and that has the potential to make my life easier for the next few years...

I already mentioned that I bought a MacBook Pro...I've also managed to acquire a 40in toshiba LCD 1080p TV, a Sony 5.1 barebones sound system, and a PS3...I love all of them (many thanks to the floundering Circuit City and their ridiculously low prices!) More reviews to follow...

Thats all for now...Peace out

PS: 2008 coldest of the decade? Hmmmm

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