Monday, November 12, 2007

No Go

I will not be going on the field training exercise this weekend. A bit of a disappointment, but I'll use the time to get ahead on my homework so I won't be doing any over Thanksgiving Break.

It turns out that there are a bunch of us not going...we're going to have a get together on Saturday, so that should be fun.

For better or worse I still have to attend all of the prep-stuff this week...early-morning battle drills tomorrow, PT Wednesday, and something...can't remember what...probably more battle drills...on Thursday.

The good news is no PT Friday, no PT Monday, and Break starts Tuesday after classes.

I'm probably going to have to do some personal PT over the break though, seeing as how we really haven't even had PT in over a week prior to this morning...

That's all I've got...fairly easy week other wise, minus the Graphics test I have on Thursday.


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