Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hell Weeks

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here...

Two very significant programming assignments were due this week (in Computer Graphics and Database Management I respectively), pushed back from last week...I had a test in another CPS course (in Software Engineering) yesterday. And I've got fraternity ritual this Friday, family and friends visiting, my final marching band game was last weekend...just...crazy.

Fortunately, the last big school-related fiascos are due at least I'll be done with those for a few days.

We had swim PT this morning, which is always a nice change of pace, though now between the workout and a near-complete lack of consistent sleep for the past ten days I am completely exhausted.

We've got battle drills in the morning for our lead lab, which ought to be fun...unfortunately, I might not get the chance to use them with the battalion on STX. Because I'm not actually with ROTC, there are restrictions as to what I'm actually allowed to do...the plan was originally for me to participate in all field training events this semester...but I got news yesterday night that plans might have changed.

So,'s really no big deal. I've got plenty of field training coming up in a few months, heh.

That's all I've got. Arabic homework and more database project stuff to do.


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