Monday, October 29, 2007

Military Appreciation Day

This weekend, two of my favorite things (Army and the marching band...) came together in a big way. At the football game this past Saturday, in addition to the normal Parents' Weekend festivities, the University thought it would be appropriate to hold a military appreciation day. Our ROTC battalion was at the heart of the festivities. We wore our ACUs and marched onto the field with the band for pregame and the Star Spangled Banner.

The MS4s got us really into the game...we split up half-and-half in each endzone and did push-ups for points which the crowd seemed to really enjoy.

At halftime, a few of the cadets helped the dance/flag line hold open a giant flag in front of the band, which got a stading ovation...very cool.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend...and unfortunately, the week itself is going to be atrocious...2 major programming projects due T/W respectively for Software Engineering and Database Management...Java and Perl...And I've got an SE test this Thursday in addition to the normal homework and whatnot.

So, I'm gunna head out...No political rants...I'm overdue for one of those...


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