Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Results

I passed! I scored very well, and was exceptionally pleased with the results. I won't receive my language until just prior to BTC is over, but I can live with that. All four of us that took it on Friday passed, which was nice.

After the test, I spent some time going over my contract and the Delayed Enlistment Program rules with my recruiter. Apparently, there's going to be a class-of-sorts every couple of Saturdays once school starts up. That'll be nice...good refreshers for the material I've got to start studying...alphabet, marching, drill, rank structure...thanks to ROTC, I know a good chunk of it already, but practice will certainly make it more clear and in the forefront of my memory.

So the last hurdle, other than BCT and DLI of course, will be the security clearance check, which ought to be no problem...I'm a good kid with a clean record, heh.

That's all for tonight.
Peace out.