Friday, April 20, 2007

Record APFT

Our last PT test for the semester was this morning...I improved on all accounts!

69 push-ups...personal best and just six away from a max. Up from 56 on the last test.
86 sit-ups...another personal best. That's up from 75.
12 min 31 sec two-mile time...also a personal best! That's down 7 seconds.

Overall score of 293...6 stupid push-ups and I could have maxed. Oh well. I can most assuredly get those in by the start of the fall. I've just really got to stay on top of fitness this summer.

Speaking of staying on top of things, the end of the school year is here...and that means mountains of work to be done...
Posting may be slight over the next 5 days...but have no fear...summer will be here soon.

Peace out.

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