Monday, April 2, 2007

More trouble with Iran...PT Test

My PT test was sub-par this morning. 269/300...down from ~285 from the last test. I lost 7 pushups and 7 situps...bad form. Don't know where my head was this morning. I did drop a second off my run time, but I was already at 100 there, so it didn't exactly do me any good. Oh well, this summer is going to be dedicated to getting into the best shape I've ever been in with the help of my football-playing younger brother, so I've just got to look to the future I suppose.

So, apparently, the Iranians tried to pull the same garbage with American soldiers that they've done with the British. Late last week, a group of US troops was surrounded by a force of Iranians who went across the border into Iraq (these claims like those of the British are in fact supported by GPS data from the encounter) and told the US troops to hold their position and prepare for capture.

While the Americans began to respond, the Iranians opened fire on our boys. Fortunately, no American troops were lost, though I believe I read that some 10 Iraqis who were traveling alongside the Americans are now missing.

The larger Iranian force eventually broke off and went back across the border. Rules of Engagement prevented our guys from actually fighting back, but apparently they don't do anything to prevent the illegal capture (attempted or otherwise) of our guys and our allies.

I had to dig to find this one...and I can't currently find it online...why isn't this being actively reported on major news networks?

In addition to this infraction, Iranians are pointing more fingers at American forces, claiming they entered Iranian airspace . No data to support it...again...seeing the pattern here?

The Iranians are acting like children...They see trouble coming for them, so rather than try to resolve it like grown-ups, they're lashing out spitefully in an effort to attract attention...garbage...

Ok, I suppose I better start working on homework. Quick week because of Easter Break. Let's hope it's a good one.
Peace out.

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