Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Final PT / End of the school year

I was planning on posting about VT, gun-law ranters, and related topics...but I think enough has been said on these particular subjects lately. The families of the victims deserve time to heal, and who am I to judge the situation surrounding the University and its police one way or the other.

The MS4s took their record PT Test today. My housemates did fairly well by their own accounts, so congratulations to them. The rest of us take our final test on Friday. I think the swimming and extra workouts that I've been undertaking recently are going to go a long way...The test won't really matter for me no matter how well or poorly I do, but it's certainly a matter of pride. One of the MS3s I pace with tested with the MS4s my run group of 3 is down to 2...we should be able to keep a good pace regardless...I ate up the run route today, so I'm hoping the same thing will happen Friday.

As always, I'm concerned about push-ups...but today, I did 50 without-rest for the first time ever...that made me's to hoping I can repeat that performance Friday.

Ok...I'm done.
Peace out.

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