Friday, March 9, 2007

Pre-Spring Break

I guess I never got around to posting my sources for the Creationism-rant...oh well, if you've got a really big beef with my rant, leave a comment.

PT was a breeze this's the last day of school before Spring Break, so naturally, we were missing a very large portion of the battalion. Our Cadet Sgt. Maj proposed a Game Day, and it went through. Basketball, Soccer, and Dodgeball...our group did well in basketball and dodgeball...not so well in soccer. It was a really good send-off for break though.

Speaking of which, I will be spending mine in Florida. The family of one of my housemates recently moved to Jacksonville, and we as a collective decided to spend some time there, given that none of us has ever gone on a "road trip" over break, discounting family trips. It should be fun and relaxing...I can't wait to hit the beach.

I finally turned in my pre-qualification application for the Army. Big, long form...lots of trick lines of 1) Have you ever had a headache 2) Have you ever had frequent or excrutiating headaches? 3) Have you ever suffered serious
head trama? 4) Have you ever had brain cancer? ...crazy stuff like that. Pretty entertaining though...and I did get to carry around my entire existence in a plastic bag for a short time (social security card, high school diploma, college transcripts, birth certificate...)

So the next step is waiting for registration for the fall, so I can get a letter from the University stating that I can't be shipped off to basic in the middle of the term because I will in fact be a student. After that, MEPS...I can't wait!

That's all for now. Exspect something political tonight after I finish packing.
Peace out.

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