Friday, March 2, 2007

APFT #2 - March 2, 2007

I've got to say I'm pretty proud of myself today. I managed to improve my push up count and my run time significantly.

This time around, I scored a 286 out of a possible 300.
86 points on the pushups (63 total...up from 45 on my last test).
100 points on the situps (82 total...same as the last test).
100 points on the two-mile run (12 min 40 sec...down from a 13 min 25 sec time last time!)

I'm excited about the pushups because I'm always the most worried about them...I didn't fall this time before the two-minutes were up, so that was great too.
I'm most proud of the run time...I kept a much better pace this time around thanks to two friends of mine in the program.

Still a long way from basic training...I think I can bring those pushups up to 75 to reach the max before next January...

I never got my record check done this week...I absolutely have to do that before break next week so I can meet with my recruiter. My anticipation of my trip to MEPS is nearly unbearable...enough school! Bring on the ARMY!

Ok, I'm at work, so it's time to get some work accomplished.
Peace out.

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