Monday, March 5, 2007

Nice weekend...and Creationism

This weekend was a whole lot of fun...climbed, hung out with close friends, and just had a good time over all. And only one week until Spring Break.

We had a game day in PT this morning as we do after every Friday APFT. We played the Air Force guys in War's like dodge ball but with more people and more fun.

So, my political rant for today will be about something close to a great many Conservative's hearts...Creationism.

I'm just going to say it up front. Creationism is not science.

I consider myself a good Christian. I believe in God, and I believe that He plays as much of a part in our world today as he did eons ago when time began. I am very open to the fact that the Big Bang was probably God turning on the lights...

However, the idea that every species that our world has ever seen was in fact around at the time our world came to be is ridiculous...even laughable.

Fossils are age-tested to a very particular degree...are they 100 percent accurate? No...but we can be absolutely sure that they are older than 10,000 years. And what about the stars? We know that light travels at precisely 299,792,458 metres per second. That is a definition, not a measurement. If the universe is only 10,000 years old, how can we see the stars? It can indeed take millenia for star light to travel to our planet.

The theory of evolution is indeed a "theory." So is gravity...

Problems with linguistics and our understanding of the meanings of words are not ample justifications for dismissing all of the observations scientists have accumulated pointing to the truth behind evolution.

The science behind Intelligent Design is anything but intelligent. In a very important legal battle, Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District (2005), Michael Behe testified that "no scientific evidence in support of the intelligent design hypothesis has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals." Michael Behe is an advocate for intelligent design. Apparently, they bury themselves.

How does creationism account for vestigle organs? I for one no longer have an appendix...did God really just shove an organ into humans who's sole purpose was to burst and cause pain? NO! The appendix is an organ that was at one time used in the digestion of cellulose; humans don't need it anymore because we have evolved. "Old world" monkeys still use theirs, though it has a different name, cecum. There are people born without appendices...and wisdom teeth! I actually personally know of at least three people who come from familes who simply do not grow wisdom teeth...they are what we would call "higher life forms," heh.

Creationists are entitled to their opinion that God created the world...but to deny the evidence that is right in front of their faces is ignorant.

God and science don't have to be separate. Many people like myself neither deny the existence of God or evolution. We believe that a process as complex and far-sighted as evolution could only be have originally thought-up by the big-guy. Why are you so close-minded?

I don't mind religion class...believe me...I've been attending it since I was 6...but keep it out of my science classes please.

I didn't cite any sources tonight...I'm at work without a whole lot of some point tonight, I'll try my best to throw up a second post with links to evolution and creationist stuff.

Time to close...peace out

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