Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Morning workout

PT went ok this morning...could have been better.

I climbed pretty hard yesterday night...I knew it'd bite me in the ass this morning.
Push ups and situps were a chore. Way subpar...I hope that's not an early indication of how the test of Friday's going to go.
I ran with the "fast" group for the first time ever today. I'm going to make a regular habit of that from now on. Best way to get the run time down another 25 seconds or so...

The MS4s had their APFT today. They ran inside on the track, though I hear we're going to be outside, which will be a glorious change of pace, despite the fact that I despise running outside in the elements...we've been inside for just under 2 solid months now...bleh

I had two classes canceled today so that my professor (same for both...back-to-back classes in the same room...ick...he's good though, so it's not so bad) could attend a presentation/Q&A given by Justice Thomas in Washington D.C. A couple students were attending too. It's got to be a great experience.

So, in light of the two extra hours I have today, I've decided to use the time to take care of some things I need to get done for my pre-qualification application...namely, scheduling an appointment with my adviser to get a letter from the University stating that I am in fact on track to graduate in December, and getting a copy of my transcripts...after that, I only need my police record and HS times.

Alright, that's all I've got time for now. News to come later today.
Peace out.

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