Sunday, February 25, 2007

Iran: US in No Position to Make Threats

The Iranian foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, spoke out Saturday against the United States, saying that we are not in a position to start another war. Apparently, he was responding to VP Cheney's warnings of how "all options" were on the table if Iran continued to ignore the UN's demands that Iran halt its nuclear enrichment program.

I found a couple articles outlining this situtation today...and I feel compelled to address some issues...

First of all, let me just say that I think it's ridiculous that the foreign minister of Iran is telling us that we're in no position to go to war with his think there might be some extra motives here?

Mr. Mottaki is also very big on negotiations...he's said that negotiations are the only way to resolve the conflict. I'm pretty sure that Iran's blatant brushing aside of the UN's repeated demands that they cease and desist all uranium refinment is a pretty good indication that negotiations aren't going to get us anywhere.

The reason that they can brush aside the UN is simple...they don't ever follow through with anything. When the UN demands Iran to halt nuclear activity, no one says anything, but as soon as America steps in and backs up what the UN has already said, we're the bad guys. Why? It's because we follow through with our deadlines and keep our promises, and that scares the rest of the world.

A lot of people don't think that we (or the UN) have any right to interfere with Iran's nuclear progression. If we have the technology, why shouldn't they be allowed to develop it? There is a very simple, logical answer to that one too...

The government in Iran has been saying for years that given the chance, they would use nuclear weapons to wipe Israel off the map...don't believe me?

Take a look here, Iran Press Service (2001). Or for a more recent view... The Boston Globe (2005)

Another important distinction lies in Western beliefs versus radical Islam. The majority of westerner soldiers and civilians would not be willing to strap a nuclear device to our bodies and walk into a Mosque. For better or worse, this is a strategy we see again and again from the radical Muslims we are currently fighting. Why would we ever allow a nuclear device to fall into the hands of government that relies on a belief system that perpetually expresses a great disregard for human life both away and on the home front?

I am by no means saying that all Muslims are more than I would say all Catholics are child molesters. But giving radical Muslims (which is exactly who composes the majority of Iran's government) the opportunity to construct a nuclear weapon (excuse the analogy) would be ignorant...there's really not a more eloquent way to put it. Just plain ignorant.

This cuts a little close to home. I don't expect to be in Iraq when I get out of language school (~2009). I'll be in Iran. Something is eventually going to have to give. Do I want there to be war in Iran (or anywhere for that matter)? No, of course not; but we (as a world...not just as a country) have an obligation to keep nut jobs in check...and sometimes that means a little rolling around in the sand.

Ok...homework and early bed for PT.
Peace out.

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Jeff said...

Another regrettable inevitability... Invading Iran might be the best hope we have for stabilizing Iraq.