Sunday, February 25, 2007

APFT and other news

We've got an APFT on Friday. I did much better than I expected to do on the first test this semester (my first test ever)...45 push-ups, 82 sit-ups, and a 13.25 2 mile run. I'm really hoping to pull those pushups to 50 or more...I should have a better run time too, given that last time I really didn't have a true pace in mind.

In less exciting news, a suicide bomber killed 40+ people at a college in Baghdad today. I don't understand the mentality at all. 40 students...40 young people trying to better themselves...40 people that had nothing to do with the war.
Just last month, a car bomb (if I remember correctly) killed 60-odd people at a university in Iraq...Why? Why is that necessary? Soldiers fighting soldiers...even insurgents fighting soldiers...makes sense to me. Blowing up those innocent college students does not.

How could anyone possibly justify that? I guess when you kill yourself in an attack, you don't have to own up to (or feel guilty about) it later.

Fortunately, the initial reports from Iraq are saying that the crackdown is having a positive effect on the number of death squad killings. I'll be interested to see what they have to say on the evening news about any of this...

Peace out.

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