Saturday, August 25, 2007

School Begins

A lot has happened over the past month or so...

The end of my summer break was really nice. I love that I had the opportunity to spend so much time with my family, especially my youngest brother. I'm going home over Labor Day so I can watch him play football (just made varsity), something I've not been able to do since he was in...6th grade, if I remember correctly (he's now a sophomore in high school).

Classes won't be too terrible this semester. Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, and Database Management...all three are semi-to-fully-project-based, which kind of blows, but I do have a lot of free time, so I've just got to be sure to maximize my time-efficiency.
I'm also taking MSL 101 with our new Master Sergeant, who is very cool, and Beginning Arabic which starts this Monday. I'll definitely be sure to keep updates on that here.

Speaking of new cadre, our new Lieutenant Colonel is really intense. He's a West Point-football player grad, combat ranger. Our first actual PT yesterday almost had me throwing up in post-formation. First time that's ever happened...too cool! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the semester; road marching every two weeks, four mile runs, hill runs...too cool.

Speaking of exercise, I'm also going to get a chance to "return" to the world of rock climbing this semester thanks to my quitting my job at the university rock gym, heh...once again, I'll be hitting the panels 3 times a week...I plan on bouldering myself sick this semester.

Videography for the marching band has been going...ok, heh. I really need to start putting more effort into the video or I'll never get it done before December...

Ok...more to come now that I'm back in school.

New school year...time for a new end-line...


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